Diversity & Inclusion

I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs. 

I was born with spina bifida and scoliosis, which has severely restricted my mobility. I’m only 4ft 11’’ and I can’t stand for long. I’ve lived with my disability since birth, so I understand how my body feels when it’s done enough. My recent fibromyalgia and arthritis diagnosis only intensified the pain. 

I started working at Jaguar Land Rover 10 years ago on the track. I struggled with the physical nature of the job and asked my manager if he could help me get a job in the office.  My manager was fully aware of my illness and supported me with equipment to ensure I was comfortable. The adjustments made me feel empowered.

Living with a disability is tough. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed, but I push myself to keep on going. I came across the Jaguar Land Rover SHINE disability support network on Yammer, our internal communications tool. The network made me realise that I am not alone. So many people living with hidden illnesses struggle to get their disabilities recognised. Thankfully, my manager took time out to try and understand my needs and has always supported me.

My line manager understands that on some days, I may need more flexibility with my start times. In turn, this makes me want to go the extra mile when I’m at work. 

I’m passionate about reducing the stigma of disability at work, I’m here for anyone who needs a chat and moral support.  As a result, I decided to become the Paint Shop Network Champion for SHINE.

I’ve noticed a cultural shift over recent years. Our manager Adrian is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, this passion has changed our culture. I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs.  I hope that this spirit continues, and even more, people feel empowered to speak out and share their stories without the fear of stigma.

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‘I’m a parent carer for two children – Rowan who is 10 and Maive who is 7 – both are diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. I share the caring responsibilities of the family with my wife and, daily, must balance the demands of a high-profile job with their needs.

Having children with autism comes with a number of key challenges which have really made me change my lifestyle significantly. As well as the regular battles with local authorities to ensure you are getting the best for your family, we are also constantly juggling healthcare appointments and managing transport to get them to and from their specialist schools. Also, most importantly, we are always constantly aware of the individual needs of Rowan and Maive themselves. They have different strands of autism and so really differing daily needs. These challenges pull on me in my working day and my time becomes extremely precious in being able to accommodate everything.

The culture in Jaguar Land Rover is hugely supportive. The business realises that its ‘OK to be different’ and that some colleagues can’t work a normal 9 – 5 days. The change to hybrid working over the pandemic – and beyond – has also helped me fit everything in. The company has been hugely flexible in allowing me to adapt work with my caring needs – but it is a two-way relationship and needs a level of understanding from everyone involved.

Not all disabilities or personal circumstances are visible – there can be a lot going on under the surface in people’s lives – that others may not see or realise. But, as I have found, if you put your hand up and show that you need that flexibility, Jaguar Land Rover will support, empower and trust you to get on with your job in a way that benefits and works for everyone involved.’

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We take engineering to the next level.

‘I started my career with JLR 9 years ago, after graduating from Imperial College, London, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My home department at the time was Diesel Calibration (essentially “tuning” diesel engines). After completing my graduate scheme in the Diesel Calibration department and learning quite a lot about engines, I’ve then moved to the Transmission Calibration department, where I have spent further 3.5 years tuning transmissions coupled with V8 petrol engines.

This was an excellent opportunity for me to directly influence what the customers will feel from their everyday drives in some fantastic vehicles (including Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the Record Holder for Fastest Four Door Production Sedan around Nürburgring, Range Rover Sport SVR and so on). These Calibration roles have given me the opportunities to go around the world, testing and calibrating our vehicles in extreme conditions, such as Death Valley in America and Sand Bowls in Dubai. These opportunities were great fun, and they have given me valuable lessons into the importance of engineering that goes into the early phases of the development cycle.’

Following on from my journey with ICE vehicles, I have then started to become interested in EV technologies. I believe, to achieve sustainability for future generations, we must develop and innovate technologies that will rapidly increase EV adoption, especially amongst the younger generation.

With this motivation, I have been fortunate to be working in the System Engineering division of Electrified Powertrain department for the last four years. I work to ensure our customers are not only satisfied but excited to be driving the portfolio of vehicles we develop. To achieve this, I work with my colleagues who are close to our customers and understand exactly how we can deliver a fantastic product to our customers. I then translate what this means in engineering terms (such as the required power from the electrified powertrain as a unit) and work very closely with our component experts to make sure we have a great combination of components to deliver a product that allows our vehicles to put a smile on our customers’ face every time they get in their vehicles.

Knowing this truly excites me and motivates me every day.

As engineers, we are challenging the norms for the efficiency and the performance of our electrified powertrains every day for a better, sustainable future!’

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From day one, I have been taken seriously, as a valued member of the team.

‘During my placement at Jaguar Land Rover, I am part of the Interior Surfacing team. My department works to perfect all the interior surfaces the customer can see, balancing both design intent with manufacturing feasibility. After 3 months of training on a CAD software new to me, I am now working on live programs, helping to develop and finalise the A-surface geometry of interior parts for production. The team are always happy to help me, creating a really supportive environment in which to learn and develop my skills.

As well as gaining invaluable experience within my department, this opportunity has also offered the development of many professional soft skills, including presenting, teamwork, and project management. Gaining these skills at Jaguar Land Rover so early in my career, gives me great confidence in progressing further.

Additionally, the undergraduate programme has provided endless occasions to network with likeminded people at all levels of the business. From socialising with fellow Interns to presenting my work to senior designer’s, Jaguar Land Rover’s people culture has given me the chance to interact with and learn from everyone I meet.

From day one, I have been taken seriously, as a valued member of the team, being actively encouraged to contribute to the design and development of Jaguar Land Rover’s cutting edge vehicles. Having gained so much already, I’m excited for what lies ahead.’

There are still opportunities to join us on our undergraduate programmes in design and engineering. Find out more here Undergraduates (jaguarlandrovercareers.com).

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Within ADAS the results of what we achieve are amazingly rewarding.

‘I have always had a huge passion for Computer Vision – through AI and Deep Learning and after spending several years at Imperial College London focused on academic research through a PhD programme and a Post-Doctoral position, I wanted a role where I could really bring this passion to life – and now I do this through working on Autonomous Vehicles at Jaguar Land Rover.

What we do here is hugely challenging but it’s an environment where I can use my skills and apply them effectively. Working here has given me the perfect transition from Academia to Industry – solving problems and challenges step by step on the projects I work on.

I joined ADAS to work on next generation, the state-of-the-art software for Computer Vision and AI from a research concept to implementation and testing and validation. I run a global Research and Development team across the UK, Hungary and India – we are a great mix of people with differing levels of expertise.

I’m passionate about the applications we use – this really drives me in my role. We have the autonomy and freedom to think of solutions to our challenges and then build on them. The evolution of what we do is step by step and we move forward with this every single day.

At Jaguar Land Rover you receive a lot of support from senior management – we work globally with flexibility, autonomy, a joint mind set – and patience. In Research and Development work you always need patience and persistence– but the results of what we achieve are amazingly rewarding.’

There are some amazing opportunities to join us in ADAS right now –  including a role within Mohamed’s team for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at www.jaguarlandrovercareers.com