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The journey we are on is evolving and engineers will constantly learn with us.

‘As we strive to be the Software Centre of Excellence this is a really exciting time to join us. Working in exciting areas such as Embedded Software, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Cyber-Security, Dev Ops, Validation, etc. developing through an Agile operating model – it really is all about Software in Shannon. We are constantly developing key products evolving the architecture of our vehicles and maximising the use of data – by adding new features and customer experiences. ADAS is another huge area of focus for us – and the software we develop together with our partners, binds together everything we are creating.

Our R & D workshop is where the exciting vehicle integration happens. We develop software that we embed into our vehicles and test – it’s such a strong proposition for our engineers to be able to experience this. Our leading-edge technology is fundamentally changing the industry in the coolest way and being able to work on our latest vehicles is vitally important us– everyone here feels a sense of ownership and are aware of where we are taking our brand.

The journey we are on is changing and evolving and engineers will constantly learn with us. Our focus is on technology and being a premium brand. A complete revolution of the industry is happening – and using the latest and greatest tech we are challenging our teams to create new features, do something different and innovate.’

This is your opportunity to play your part and #ReimagineYourFuture. To find out more visit ‘Find a job’ on our careersite.

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I’m building strong technical skills that are key for my career.

‘Jaguar Land Rover has given me the best opportunity any graduate can have to start their professional career. After completing 6 weeks of training, I started making real impact and within few weeks, I found myself presenting to a Finance Director, and before finishing my Graduate programme I was already presenting insights to the CFO!’

Not only has the Analytics Graduate programme helped build my technical skills, but it has allowed me to build strong interpersonal skills that are key for my career.

I have worked on a multitude of projects. Today, I am leading an initiative that reports key KPIs to the board and facilitate their conversations. It’s really amazing that in less than 4 years, I’m already in a position where I am leading an initiative that has the CEO and his first line as end users.

The work my team and I do facilitates key conversations at board level which are focused on improving business performance, creating excellent customer experiences and leaving a positive impact on our society and the environment.

The people around me are very important to me. We learn a lot from each other. From technical things to career coaching and advice, and across all levels from our directors to our apprentices; we truly all learn from each other while having great fun and working hard to support the business.’

Our graduate programmes open soon and you can register your interest here now on our careersite.

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Working here gives everyone the chance to learn differently and develop a variety of tech skills.

‘Having now been with the company for over 2 ½ years – I’ve worked on infotainment, Software Over The Air, Vehicle Data Platform and many other different projects. My role is to help our software teams to push the technical direction for the solutions of some of our projects – so I take on the meetings involved in these projects and help mentor and advise our developers so that they can spend their time doing what they do best.

I started here as a Software Engineer and, at the time, didn’t envisage the role I am in now – but as the Manchester Hub grows, possibilities and roles emerge – so this has been a fantastic opportunity for me.

I have a real interest in cars and it’s a really rewarding feeling knowing that what we produce is being seen across the country and the world. There’s an immense pride in seeing something you’ve worked on physically being used by our customers.

I’ve found a real flexibility in the culture here. We have the freedom to move across programmes and projects. Working here gives everyone the chance to learn differently and develop a variety of tech skills. I know that I won’t be working on one project constantly and we get the chance to switch technologies and discover the next/new tech.

Although we are working from home a lot now – we get together as teams regularly. It’s those impromptu chats in the office that can sometimes be invaluable on a project.

My advice to someone looking to work here. Be open to learning new stuff, have the drive to learn and don’t be afraid of taking your skills to the next level. Your input can be invaluable in moving both our products and your career forward.’

There are some amazing opportunities to join us. Search ‘Find a Job’ on our careersite to find out more.

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As a Software Engineer, I find I’m interacting with tech in a totally different way to any other role I’ve had.

‘Day to day I’m involved in all areas of software delivery but mainly test and quality assurance. What’s different here is that we are not just building websites – as you would in many tech environments. We are creating applications running on our vehicles.

At the moment I’m working on the infotainment system – which brings with it a lot of challenges around automated testing and continuous deployment.

We’re very focused on quality,  striving for the best, so automated testing is a vital component before any software is distributed. The platforms and systems we work on are constantly moving forward. Personally, I’m passionate about delivering a high-quality product that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

I’ve worked here for 2 ½ years now as part of a Software team. We work across 2 to 3 products at a time – using different technology. Although we’ve all successfully worked from home over the last year, we now try to meet in the office at least once a week.

Being part of such a supportive and talented team, everyone really appreciates and cares about the products we are working on. As a Software Engineer, I find I’m testing and interacting with tech in a totally different way to any other role I’ve had – which, for me, is both exciting and challenging’.

There are some amazing opportunities to join us. Search ‘Find a Job’ on our careersite to find out more.

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Jaguar Land Rover has already had a major impact on my career.

‘The idea that we are surrounded by large amounts of data that can be used to improve our decision making process in all business domains was very exciting- so I decided to pursue a career in Analytics.

Learning about Jaguar Land Rover’s Analytics team I was certain that this would be a place where I could learn from excellent individuals, get training and exposure to exciting projects.

When starting the graduate scheme, the initial training introduced me to the basics of data engineering, data science and data visualisation. Going into the first project I was able to put my learnings into practice: building data pipelines, creating visualisations, and presenting to senior stakeholders.

During my time at Jaguar Land Rover I have also been given the opportunity to support the initial start-up stages of the Data Office, creating content and resources for the enterprise roll out of Tableau. Being involved in such an impactful initiative at the early stages, has been a valuable experience. I am now starting my second rotation within the team, diving into the Data Engineering world.

In Jaguar Land Rover I feel that I am able to contribute and given the opportunity to express and implement my ideas, while learning from an awesome team!’

Explore www.jaguarlandrovercareers.com to find out more about the opportunities available to join our InDigital team.