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I take pride in what I do, constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new things

‘I have always enjoyed drawing from a very young age, as school life progressed, I didn’t enjoy academic studies as much. I studied graphic design at GCSE at school, then product design for my A-levels at college. After finishing college, I went on to study at Coventry University on the Automotive & Transport Design course.

I joined Jaguar Land Rover as a graduate and the company has played a major part in my career growth and personal development.  Based on the experience and opportunities I’ve had here, I’m more confident dealing with and presenting to senior managers. In turn, I’m more outgoing and confident in my personal life. I’m more resourceful now with what’s around me. I’ve also developed a great, passion for our products.

I’ve been involved in some amazing projects. Being part of the reimagination of the business was amazing.   I also played a big part in the new Range Rover’s early development phase, creating lots of animations and images as well as assisting with virtual reality (VR) presentations for customer clinics.   The Range Rover is such an iconic car, working on that project developed my career a lot!  Looking back at the start of my career and comparing my more recent work I can really see how my skills have evolved. 

Much of my role involves pulling together lots of information to realise a true vision of a project through storytelling. Crafting animations and VR experiences is a great way of working as it reduces the environmental impact of physically mocking up a vehicle.  We bring together information from different teams, identifying issues that improve the customer experience of the vehicles.

I take pride in what I do, constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new things.  We are the first people that realise the design teams’ vision. No two days here are ever the same and the work we do influences major design and business decisions, showcasing future concepts. 

I’m extremely lucky to be part of my team. Everyone is so approachable. There are people from so many different fields, we have a great combination of people in our team. The environment is fun, creative and empowering and we are encouraged to make creative decisions – that’s really exciting.’

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