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It is inspirational to be able to reach out to so many driven women within the industry and beyond

‘Even before joining Jaguar Land Rover I have a real drive and passion for developing people and empowering them to drive a business forward.

Our goal is to enable colleagues to get the most out of their roles. We are a network of people with a very cohesive approach – who will put all ideas on the table and work collectively to move projects forward. We ensure as many people as possible are engaged with She ++ – creating panel discussions which help break down barriers and allow individuals to share their experiences. People –  both internally and externally  – speak to us about their journeys and how they have overcome obstacles in their life & careers to be successful. It is inspirational to be able to reach out to so many driven women within the industry and beyond.

The culture here in Shannon is extremely positive and there’s a great sense of trust within our business. Colleagues are encouraged to move forward, share ideas, and work collaboratively. This is something that drives me every day.’

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Being part of a diverse team is important to me, as I get inspiration from each person I work with

“It is a very exciting time to be a digital apprentice in Manufacturing Engineering. Manufacturing is always advancing through technology and digitalisation, so there are many opportunities and projects to work on. I have been able to improve and apply my coding skills whilst also learning about traditional engineering processes.

I am looking forward to being part of a diverse team working on the technological advancement in Manufacturing. Working in a diverse team is important to me, as I usually get inspiration from each person I work with and it is great to have different people working towards a shared goal.

I would recommend the DTS apprenticeship to anyone who enjoys working in a diverse team and is looking to learn and apply new technological concepts to make improvements in engineering.”

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The opportunities to develop here are endless

‘My passion is making products that make a difference – and ADAS really fits the bill for me. Within the Attribute Team we define the customer experience – looking at safety, comfort, workload and generally improving the quality of the driving experience. It’s a team where big decisions are made – so part of our role is to listen to customer feedback and improve features on an ongoing basis.

There is a lot of testing of cars in my role. If a competitor releases a new model, we will assess it by driving in a variety of scenarios.  We will test all the ADAS features on the vehicle – for example how the cruise control works, how the vehicle adapts its speed for other vehicles or road topology – both on the track and in real life situations.

The whole team will test a vehicle and then come together for wash up sessions to report back on their findings. It’s important to get a full range of opinions.

We define and improve the customer experience of our vehicles initially through simulation models – where we can define the flow of behaviour and what can be improved and changed. We run our tests on a multi-axial simulator (MAS) – using VR head sets and a virtual test track. This is a great way to verify the changes we want to make.

I have been with Jaguar Land Rover for over 3 years now and have been recently promoted within my team to now assist and help develop new colleagues. I really enjoy the people side of the role and love coaching and nurturing colleagues.  The opportunities to develop here are endless.

One Jaguar Land Rover initiative is contributing towards The Valuable 500 which I have been involved with through Design4Inclusivity. Here we work with a person with exceptional needs and see how we can make the driving features in our cars as comfortable and easy as possible for them. The team have come up with some amazing ideas and concepts and our ultimate aim is to make these features a part of our commercial offer. It’s a brilliant project to be a part of.’

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The level of technical work here is incredible, and it has been an exciting journey so far .

‘ADAS is such a diverse department – with so many amazing opportunities within our Systems, Software Development, Integration or Validation Teams. Once you join us there are no restrictions on how you can get involved, move across teams, and grow technically. Irrespective of which group within ADAS you join, you will find that technology, creativity, innovation, and collaboration is always at the heart of what we do! 

For me personally, the best part of my role is that we get to actively work on features that customers can directly interact with. To have the ability to continuously define customer experience and provide them the comfort and luxury through the work that we do within our team is extremely satisfying. 

It’s a fascinating career to get into and in the 9 years I have worked for Jaguar Land Rover, I have worked with some very passionate, highly skilled engineers and brilliant senior managers and developed professionally. I have progressed in my current role and now oversee a global diverse team; I enjoy leading this group of extremely skilled people and contributing to the ADAS department. The level of technical work here is incredible, and it has been an exciting journey so far working seamlessly for ADAS across the globe.The cultural learning, collaboration and experience has been second to none.’

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Diversity & Inclusion

I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs. 

I was born with spina bifida and scoliosis, which has severely restricted my mobility. I’m only 4ft 11’’ and I can’t stand for long. I’ve lived with my disability since birth, so I understand how my body feels when it’s done enough. My recent fibromyalgia and arthritis diagnosis only intensified the pain. 

I started working at Jaguar Land Rover 10 years ago on the track. I struggled with the physical nature of the job and asked my manager if he could help me get a job in the office.  My manager was fully aware of my illness and supported me with equipment to ensure I was comfortable. The adjustments made me feel empowered.

Living with a disability is tough. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed, but I push myself to keep on going. I came across the Jaguar Land Rover SHINE disability support network on Yammer, our internal communications tool. The network made me realise that I am not alone. So many people living with hidden illnesses struggle to get their disabilities recognised. Thankfully, my manager took time out to try and understand my needs and has always supported me.

My line manager understands that on some days, I may need more flexibility with my start times. In turn, this makes me want to go the extra mile when I’m at work. 

I’m passionate about reducing the stigma of disability at work, I’m here for anyone who needs a chat and moral support.  As a result, I decided to become the Paint Shop Network Champion for SHINE.

I’ve noticed a cultural shift over recent years. Our manager Adrian is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, this passion has changed our culture. I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs.  I hope that this spirit continues, and even more, people feel empowered to speak out and share their stories without the fear of stigma.