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Everyone around you wants the best for you and are willing to help you out.

“Even though Jaguar Land Rover is a large company I’ve been given lots of responsibilities straight away and really feel I’m part of the team. Everyone around you wants the best for you and are willing to help you out and include you in all the new and exciting projects. My manager and the Early Careers team have tailored projects and my placement based of what I would like from my experience here.

Currently I’m work on a project in EDS on harnesses, alongside three of my own projects that I’ll complete throughout my yearlong placement. I will present these projects at the end of my placement with my learnings.

There are fewer women in engineering, especially in Powertrain, than men but this is changing with the new intakes in early careers. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the business.”

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What’s really important to me is bringing in new ways of thinking.

‘A big part of working on electric cars involves rapid tech changes. Being involved in such a new technology means we are constantly innovating to deliver the best products, while working in a fast paced and agile environment.   

Coming straight from Uni and having worked in powertrain electrification for the past three years I can tell you it’s an incredibly exciting industry to be involved in. Every year the public awareness of electrification increases, and this brings a real buzz to everything we are doing.  It is also great to see how the technology which we are developing and innovating is having a positive impact on society.

What’s really important to me is bringing in new ways of thinking – it’s something our whole team is passionate about. We are back on site now 2-3 times a week – and it’s great to be able to get together to talk through projects. It’s sometimes those small interactions during the day that bring great ideas to life. We all understand the impact we have on the design of vehicles and our ideas are always encouraged.

Jaguar Land Rover is a hugely exciting place to be at the moment. There is a vast amount of work happening in electrification and we are constantly striving to deliver the most competitive systems in this arena.’

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Working here gives everyone the chance to learn differently and develop a variety of tech skills.

‘Having now been with the company for over 2 ½ years – I’ve worked on infotainment, Software Over The Air, Vehicle Data Platform and many other different projects. My role is to help our software teams to push the technical direction for the solutions of some of our projects – so I take on the meetings involved in these projects and help mentor and advise our developers so that they can spend their time doing what they do best.

I started here as a Software Engineer and, at the time, didn’t envisage the role I am in now – but as the Manchester Hub grows, possibilities and roles emerge – so this has been a fantastic opportunity for me.

I have a real interest in cars and it’s a really rewarding feeling knowing that what we produce is being seen across the country and the world. There’s an immense pride in seeing something you’ve worked on physically being used by our customers.

I’ve found a real flexibility in the culture here. We have the freedom to move across programmes and projects. Working here gives everyone the chance to learn differently and develop a variety of tech skills. I know that I won’t be working on one project constantly and we get the chance to switch technologies and discover the next/new tech.

Although we are working from home a lot now – we get together as teams regularly. It’s those impromptu chats in the office that can sometimes be invaluable on a project.

My advice to someone looking to work here. Be open to learning new stuff, have the drive to learn and don’t be afraid of taking your skills to the next level. Your input can be invaluable in moving both our products and your career forward.’

There are some amazing opportunities to join us. Search ‘Find a Job’ on our careersite to find out more.

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There is an amazing chemistry in the team here. Whatever level you are at – everyone has their say.

‘When I joined the team here it felt like I was joining an exciting start up within the tech industry and my journey so far has not disappointed. The company gives you real autonomy to come up with your own ideas. We have a Customer First Approach – we want to do what’s right for them so we get the opportunity to share ideas and make technical decisions that will move the business forward and build quality software for our customers. Its agile transformation in action.

We have a huge array of talent in the team, and this allows us to tap into everyone’s experience, explore ideas and bring them to life.

Lockdown hasn’t had any impact on our collaboration and work. We have all had daily contact and the business encourages Pair Programming so that no one is working in silo. Being relatively new and joining in the middle of the pandemic, this has really helped me. With the support of colleagues, I was able to familiarise myself with systems immediately and was writing code on my second day.

Everyone in the company made me feel really welcome, having conversations with our chief engineer, head of software development and my line manager within my first week enabled me to fully understand the vision of Jaguar Land Rover Manchester and allowed me to provide ideas and support to help achieve this and raise any queries or concerns I had. This is an ongoing process which happens regularly, the senior leaders are extremely supportive and are always looking at better ways of working – so ideas for improvement are listened to and taken on board.

There is an amazing chemistry in the team here. Whatever level you are at – everyone has their say.’

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Dispelling Degree Apprenticeship Myths.

‘The mid-way point of my six year degree apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover is fast approaching. The opportunity for both personal and professional development within the framework of a degree apprenticeship is unparalleled. Real-world experience combined with academic studies at the university of Warwick is, in my opinion, the best of both worlds.

So why aren’t degree apprentice schemes more popular?

Sure, the pendulum is starting to shift, but the traditional university route is still the default for many school leavers. There are many misconceptions that stop people from applying for apprenticeships and I had some myself prior to applying. With 31 months under my belt, I think I finally know what It means to be a degree apprentice at JLR.  So, allow me to dispel some of these myths and show you that an Apprenticeship can not only be a viable alternative to university, but for many people, a much better option.

But what exactly is a degree apprenticeship?

Well, think of it as full-time employment whilst studying part time at university.

But won’t that be really difficult?

You will have to balance your responsibilities at work whilst ensuring you keep up with your studies. But don’t worry, there is a whole team of people in place who are dedicated to looking after apprentices, so if you need support, it is definitely there!

Aren’t apprenticeships for people who didn’t do well at school?

This isn’t the case, many apprentices choose to complete a degree apprenticeship rather than university as it allows them to gain practical work experience and earn whilst completing their academic studies. A degree apprenticeship is equivalent to going to university and Jaguar Land Rover’s application process is thorough to ensure that you can succeed on your apprenticeship programme.

Isn’t a university degree worth more than a degree from an apprenticeship?

On the contrary. The degree you gain has been designed to meet IET accreditation requirements, and with your many years of experience at work, you will have all of the necessary requirements to become chartered.

But won’t I be able to earn more in the long run by going to university?

All it takes to dispel this myth is some quick maths. While university students incur debt of around £40k throughout their degree, apprentices are paid for the privilege. At JLR, degree level apprentices can expect to earn around £20k per year at the start of the scheme and given you perform as expected, you can receive pay rises that will take you above the average graduate starting salary by the end of your scheme, which you will leave debt-free.

But apprenticeships don’t lead anywhere!

I am sure Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering at JLR, would have something to say about that. Having joined Land Rover in 1984 as a technical apprentice, his career has taken him right to the top of the industry. With an apprenticeship, the real world experience and interactions you gain from the very start, give an insight into things which cannot be taught and can leverage your career over your peers. And although not guaranteed, the overwhelming majority of apprentices stay with the business after their scheme.

Will I be asked to go to get the tartan paint?

Gone are the days when apprentices just made the tea. At JLR, apprentices provide huge value to the business and take on real responsibility. You will work along side experts in their field and draw upon their years of experience to garner in depth knowledge which you would not learn through academia. Even though you are an apprentice, you will be trusted to do the same jobs as people much more experienced than you, and you will be able to excel at it with the training and support you are provided with.

Ok you have convinced me on the academic and work side, but wont I miss out on the university life?

Balancing work and study can be difficult, and time will be at a premium. But don’t think you will have to fully compromise on the university experience. JLR invest heavily in apprentices and each year’s cohort see’s over a hundred likeminded individuals join the business, meaning there is a large network of new people to meet, work and socialise with. The early careers hub connects apprentices and graduates for social events, trips, projects and volunteering opportunities. As a degree apprentice, you will also be eligible for all the student benefits at the University of Warwick such as societies, sport, and student discounts.

I hope I have been able to address some of your concerns. A degree apprenticeship isn’t for everyone. But, if you have drive, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, then it might just be for you.’