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I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now; creating full size models from 2D sketches

‘I’ve always thought about things differently; analysing and improving with an artistic approach, so going into the creative industry was a natural career path. The first time I came across clay modelling, I was totally engrossed, and it was the first time I truly enjoyed working. I zone out and time stands still when I clay model, it’s a unique feeling!

Jaguar Land Rover has had a massive impact on my career.  I’m grateful to my manager for allowing me to show the world what I can do. I’ve led projects shown to board members and had one exhibited in the V&A Dundee design museum. I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now; creating full size models from 2D sketches. Each time you reach your deadline, either on your own or most likely with a team, is a great feeling.

A career highlight for me was appearing on Amazon in a documentary about Jaguar Land Rover being the first OEM to create an electric car –  I never thought that would be me! I’m very fortunate to be working in such a niche market, do something I love and have people appreciate my work.   

In the creative industry, it’s important to have the freedom and space to do what you love doing; restrictions and boundaries limit creativity. We constantly want to push boundaries and look towards the future. Having a real family-feel to the culture in design, allows people to truly be themselves and really add value to the business.’

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Our designs are not only beautiful, but sustainable

‘I studied textile design at university and got this job straight after graduation. I studied at the Royal College of Art, and a lot of people from our team at Jaguar Land Rover graduated from there. 

Working in design feels so natural to me. I didn’t plan on going into automotive, but I loved working with materials – and in automotive, you get to work with a wide variety of materials which is great. This is my first job, so it has definitely shaped my career.  I’ve got to know the automotive industry through this job.

I’ve recently been working on a very exciting development project, with a new material.  I’m hoping that we will be the first company to use this material in the way that we plan to. The possibilities with materials are endless!

I am passionate about sustainability – it’s at the heart of everything we do.  I am very conscious about our designs not only being beautiful, but sustainable. We must continuously bring new, sustainable, better materials to life for our products.

In design, I feel like our director has a very strong vision and is very passionate. The designers in our team are also very passionate. We love what we do and are always trying to push the boundaries.’ To find out more about the amazing opportunities to join our talented Interiors Design team visit

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I take pride in what I do, constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new things

‘I have always enjoyed drawing from a very young age, as school life progressed, I didn’t enjoy academic studies as much. I studied graphic design at GCSE at school, then product design for my A-levels at college. After finishing college, I went on to study at Coventry University on the Automotive & Transport Design course.

I joined Jaguar Land Rover as a graduate and the company has played a major part in my career growth and personal development.  Based on the experience and opportunities I’ve had here, I’m more confident dealing with and presenting to senior managers. In turn, I’m more outgoing and confident in my personal life. I’m more resourceful now with what’s around me. I’ve also developed a great, passion for our products.

I’ve been involved in some amazing projects. Being part of the reimagination of the business was amazing.   I also played a big part in the new Range Rover’s early development phase, creating lots of animations and images as well as assisting with virtual reality (VR) presentations for customer clinics.   The Range Rover is such an iconic car, working on that project developed my career a lot!  Looking back at the start of my career and comparing my more recent work I can really see how my skills have evolved. 

Much of my role involves pulling together lots of information to realise a true vision of a project through storytelling. Crafting animations and VR experiences is a great way of working as it reduces the environmental impact of physically mocking up a vehicle.  We bring together information from different teams, identifying issues that improve the customer experience of the vehicles.

I take pride in what I do, constantly pushing the boundaries and trying new things.  We are the first people that realise the design teams’ vision. No two days here are ever the same and the work we do influences major design and business decisions, showcasing future concepts. 

I’m extremely lucky to be part of my team. Everyone is so approachable. There are people from so many different fields, we have a great combination of people in our team. The environment is fun, creative and empowering and we are encouraged to make creative decisions – that’s really exciting.’

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A Degree Apprenticeship gives you a huge opportunity to experience so many areas of work

‘Following six years of my apprenticeship I have recently finished my degree and End Point Assessment with an external panel   – and have now secured my contract with Jaguar Land Rover as a Lead Engineer.

The Degree Apprenticeship has been both varied and amazing. I was originally in the AVA (Associative Vehicle Architecture) team designing CAD models for door trims. Then I moved into the PRE PS (Early Engineering) team where my projects gained recognition. During this time, I got to present internally to six hundred people – which was a great experience and a highlight of the programme. I am now part of the core door trim team within Body Engineering.

The placements I’ve been involved in have lasted from two weeks to two months. They really round you and give you a huge opportunity to experience so many areas of work. I had my Uni course work alongside this – which we did in one-week blocks. You really have to learn how to balance your studies with work – and Jaguar Land Rover have given me a lot of support to do this.

I chose my apprenticeship as I didn’t want to go straight into Uni from college. When I found out about the degree apprenticeship programme – it was a real no brainer for me – and I am so glad I applied. I absolutely love it. If you are motivated and prepared to work hard – you can really achieve remarkable things here. I have no regrets at all about joining.’

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From day one, I have been taken seriously, as a valued member of the team.

‘During my placement at Jaguar Land Rover, I am part of the Interior Surfacing team. My department works to perfect all the interior surfaces the customer can see, balancing both design intent with manufacturing feasibility. After 3 months of training on a CAD software new to me, I am now working on live programs, helping to develop and finalise the A-surface geometry of interior parts for production. The team are always happy to help me, creating a really supportive environment in which to learn and develop my skills.

As well as gaining invaluable experience within my department, this opportunity has also offered the development of many professional soft skills, including presenting, teamwork, and project management. Gaining these skills at Jaguar Land Rover so early in my career, gives me great confidence in progressing further.

Additionally, the undergraduate programme has provided endless occasions to network with likeminded people at all levels of the business. From socialising with fellow Interns to presenting my work to senior designer’s, Jaguar Land Rover’s people culture has given me the chance to interact with and learn from everyone I meet.

From day one, I have been taken seriously, as a valued member of the team, being actively encouraged to contribute to the design and development of Jaguar Land Rover’s cutting edge vehicles. Having gained so much already, I’m excited for what lies ahead.’

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