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Meet Our Pioneering Apprentices – Day 2 of 5

Anjali Patel is a Higher Apprentice in Powertrain Test Operations. Currently in her second year of training, Anjali is working towards her Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4, specialising in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and training to become a Technician in our engine test team.

“A typical day for me involves working on engine test cells, using specialist software to run various tests to assess engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. Training to become a technician in Powertrain Test Operations involves moving through a number of placements in Powertrain teams at Jaguar Land Rover’s headquarters in Whitley. I also spend one day a week at the Trident College in Leamington Spa, where I attend lectures towards my HND.”

“Before Jaguar Land Rover, I attended a girls’ grammar school where the traditional route after sixth form was University. At A-Level I studied Maths, Physics, Geography and Chemistry. When exploring next steps to take with these subjects, I knew I wanted to have a career in engineering where I could explore my problem solving skills and deploy my science-based mind set. An apprenticeship has always appealed to me as I’d gain first-hand experience and practical skills by learning ‘on the job’, as well as gaining nationally recognised qualifications which would help me to progress in my career.”

“As an apprentice, I get to work alongside experienced staff who help me develop specific skills, whilst earning a wage at the same time. If university is not the right path for you, an apprenticeship will allow you to start training in a real work environment, gaining relevant skills, experience and qualifications which can lead to a successful career in your chosen field.”

“The Jaguar Land Rover programme is well structured, resourced and supported and you play a part in creating cutting-edge technology for future premium vehicles. An apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover will put you in charge of your career and, by moving through various departments in the business, you can explore what you enjoy and find the best route for you.”

Anjali is on the Higher Apprentice programme. To find out more about the Advanced, Higher and Degree Apprentice programmes we currently offer at Jaguar Land Rover, check out our careers website.

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The real faces of JLR – Haamid Adam


My name is Haamid and I study Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham.

During my time at Jaguar Land Rover, I was working within manufacturing, specifically within the Launch Quality department at the Solihull plant.

The biggest take-away from the placement for me was certainly the refinement of my soft skills, like leadership and project management. Having returned to university for my third year, I’m able to bring over these skills directly to my Design Project in a leadership capacity, which essentially involves creating a processing plant of some sort with a team of 5 engineers, from the ground up- daunting, I know!

I was also very fortunate to be able to witness the launch phase for some spectacular vehicles and understand the underpinning processes that drive production and manufacturing at JLR.

Overall, my commercial awareness of the automotive sector was really strengthened, and It’s this understanding that allowed me to gain a deeper insight Into the direction of where the automotive and mobility areas may be headed in the near future.


We’re looking for early talent with the ability to Think Beyond.

We want to transform the automotive landscape and shape the future of mobility – so our early careers training programmes are the route to an inspired career. Each is designed to give you the ideal mix of on-the-job training and focused, classroom-based learning.

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Manufacturing Undergraduate – Darren Taggart

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?

The first couple of weeks were spent getting up to speed with the project I was going to be involved in. After that initial introduction period, I was essentially thrown in at the deep end and given an important project which I eventually brought to completion a few months later. Ever since then I have been treated like a valuable asset and given real responsibility.

How would you describe a typical working day?

Working hours in my department are normally 7:30 to 4. Depending on where I’m based, the nature of work varies quite a lot. If based in Wolverhampton, a lot of the day could be spent beside the production line solving issues in real-time and getting to know the engine production process. When I am based in Whitley, the work tends to be more to do with meetings and visualising how future projects may come together. Office culture is really good because everyone is willing to go out of their way to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

What was a project you were proud to be part of?

The first project I was given was to develop a sign-off process for all the manual workstations on an engine production line. This sign-off process was essential in being able to hand the line over to the production engineering team and move onto the next project. I drew up a draft sign-off pack and made sure all signatories were happy, then I was able to go ahead and do the same for each station. Looking back, this was quite a big task and we were under a lot of pressure to complete the procedure in as little time as possible. From initial development right through to the completion of the project it took around six months, so I am very proud of my achievement.

How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?

The undergraduate community is good. I actually live with four other undergraduates. It’s easy to find people to live with during your placement; there are various sports and activities you can get involved in as well.

Early Careers, Manufacturing, People, Undergraduate

Manufacturing Undergraduate- Joe Parker

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?

When starting it was necessary for me to spend a lot of the time shadowing people in my team, learning about what tasks the different team members do, but mainly to get a general feel of the company and how the department I was going to be working in operates, relative to the wider business. Since then I have become a lot more confident in my own role in the team. I know my way around the site and different departments well, and therefore no longer require to be constantly shadowing someone or having them talk me through everything. I feel like I constantly add value to the team now.

What was a project you were proud to be part of?

I feel particularly proud to be a part of launching the new vehicle and contributing to it. I have been a key part in developing a system for adding and changing what quality checks we have in place while building the cars. I also pride myself in gaining a good understanding of who does what across the plant as I have had the task to raise a lot of quality issues to the correct engineers, suppliers, process leaders, etc. Speaking face to face with people in the business has been essential to gaining a better understanding of problems and fixes we face during the launch of a new model.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?

The amount of experience gained is like nothing you can learn elsewhere at university or in education. I was also impressed by how prepared my team was for accepting me on my first day and having things ready for me. This should be something I praise Jaguar Land Rover for as it immediately gave me some sense of worth in my position as an undergrad even though I had very little skills and knowledge of my new work place compared to what was to come. It is great to be able to work on “real life” issues and be able to make a real contribution to my team and feel like a full team member.

How would you describe your placement to a friend?

Definitely think that doing a 12-month placement is much more beneficial than a three-month placement in this company as three months will only give you time to scrape the top of the iceberg of understanding and implement yourself into your own team and department. Co-workers will appreciate and use you a lot more as you spend time getting to know them and the business.