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Global Purchasing is a department where your ideas are welcomed.

‘I know that prior to joining Jaguar Land Rover five years ago I had not considered a career in purchasing and assumed I could not as my background was not in engineering or purchasing. Having studied social welfare at university you could say this is totally unrelated to either engineering or purchasing.

However, I quickly learnt that it is not your background that is important here, but the skills, qualities, experience and unique talents you can offer that matter. I discovered that what matters more is things such as a willingness to learn, being dependable, being a team player and having pride and passion in what you do to drive the business forward. I have learnt and developed so much over the years, and I am so glad I decided to apply.

The types of roles within Global Purchasing are so varied: As a Programme Buyer, I get to be part of an exciting delivery team, helping the wider teams to deliver our future electric vehicles. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make a real contribution to transformation and improvement projects. You are encouraged to contribute to improvements and change, it’s a department where your ideas are welcomed.

Working here has been a really positive experience, from day one everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome and I have had the opportunity to do very different roles-none of them having involved buying. This has included onboarding global suppliers as well as onboarding new starters that was a fantastic experience. One of the reasons I enjoy working within Global Purchasing is because it is such a friendly and inclusive team where the people are always willing to help.’

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Be a part of our Global Purchasing Team in Hungary.

Tony told us ‘This team is extremely important to Jaguar Land Rover as almost half of the items we put in our vehicles comes from the Central and Eastern Europe region. The need for a much closer working relationship with the suppliers here has resulted in the decision of setting up our first ever Purchasing HUB outside of the UK.

This office is different from others in many ways. It is not a shared service, but a purchasing-engineering hub satisfying the engineering demand for our Advanced driver-assistance systems skillset and the purchasing drive to be a location where talented individuals are directly responsible for global commodity management.

For buyers this means time is split between working with a cross-functional team to manage the delivery of future parts for future vehicles and working on cost reduction activities.’

Dóra added ‘The office in Hungary is full of motivated, dynamic and hard-working colleagues who are massively engaged around our common purpose. It’s a great place to be.’

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The real faces of JLR – Georgia Dowell

Jaguar Land Rover helped me develop a range of skills including my professional presentation ability, individual project management skills and negotiation skills.

Through out the year I was challenged with a range of projects which developed my experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. Not only this, but my confidence rocketed during my year at JLR as I was pushed out of my comfort zone and had to solve a number of problems.

I would return to JLR due to its opportunities for graduates on the graduate scheme including the chance to try out different departments. It’s also an innovative and forward thinking company, that would be exciting to be a part of in the coming years.


We’re looking for early talent with the ability to Think Beyond.

We want to transform the automotive landscape and shape the future of mobility – so our early careers training programmes are the route to an inspired career. Each is designed to give you the ideal mix of on-the-job training and focused, classroom-based learning.

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Purchasing Undergraduate – Josh Haines

What was a project you were proud to be part of?

I really enjoyed working on the Strategic Supplier Dossier. It is a strategic document aimed to improve the relationship Jaguar Land Rover has with a key supplier, by providing recommendations based on data gathered across multiple functions of Jaguar Land Rover. It tells a story of the current state of the relationship, and what the aims are for the future. I am the co-owner of the project so I’m responsible for its delivery. I have worked with multiple employees from the supplier, and the 24 Jaguar Land Rover buyers who buy from the supplier, to gather relevant information, and held meetings with their managers and my director to review our recommendations.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?

As an undergraduate you get to be involved in multiple activities that someone who is full-time would not have time for. I have been involved in strategic relationship management, future vehicle sourcing and site visits. I was not expecting much responsibility in my role, but my team constantly rely on me and give me projects that have a significant impact on the future of the business.

How would you describe your placement to a friend?

I work in future vehicle sourcing. It’s hard work but it’s worth it because when you’ll see a car on the road in a few years’ time, I will have had a part to play in it being there.

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Purchasing Undergraduate – Grace McCalla

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?

I spent my first couple of weeks shadowing senior buyers in the team on their projects to get a feel for what their day-to-day role consisted of. Now I am able to produce work that contributes to such projects, as well as leading my own.

How would you describe a typical working day?

My working hours are 8 to 4 each day but I am normally in the office around 7:45. I have a range of meetings both internal with colleagues and external with suppliers, but I still have enough time in the day to get my work done. The work I do is heavily project-based, and I’m expected to manage my own projects, so depending on how developed each project is, will depend on what is required of me. Personally, for me the office environment is welcoming and friendly but it’s also a professional place where you can focus if you need to.

What was a project you were proud to be part of?

Being a Construction Buyer, I have enjoyed working on the expansion and redevelopment of the Whitley site. This was very exciting as it is one of the largest procurement projects to happen at Whitley. I was asked to perform analysis work on tenders submitted by the contractors, and the evidence was used in the decision-making process when the main contractor was appointed. This was a proud moment for me because despite my lack of experience, I was able to make a valid contribution to a major project.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?

The level of responsibility you get given and the respect you get from other colleagues. I have never been given small admin tasks to do. I have been tasked with real work where I can make valuable contributions.

How would you describe your placement to a friend?

The programme has pushed me out my comfort zone and I was able to develop skills I didn’t know I had and make contributions I didn’t know I was capable of. It’s been an incredible experience, with inspiring people and invaluable learning.