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I strongly believe that I am playing a key role in the technology revolution and that my everyday objectives are leaving a positive impact on society.

‘Being a woman in science has never been intimidating for me, but I felt that my full professional potential was reached when I joined Jaguar Land Rover as a Lead Cell Engineer. I strongly believe that I am playing a key role in the technology revolution and that my everyday objectives are leaving a positive impact on society. In addition to that, my team is currently led by a woman, a Senior Technical Specialist, giving me confidence about the accessibility of impact roles and highlighting the strong inclusion culture within Jaguar Land Rover.  

During my PhD I had the opportunity of submitting a patent and therefore developing an “applied solution approach”, however, before joining Jaguar Land Rover, I did not believe that my skills could apply to “real world” topics. My background is focused on analytical electrochemistry and materials characterisation and my previous working experiences are academic. Today, all the knowledge that I gathered on the process’s optimization is invested in the development of electrochemical cells for current and next-generation batteries. In addition to that, I also look after the partnerships between JLR, the Catapult network or the Faraday Institution as durable and strong collaborations with Academia are seen as a key component of the future JLR strategy.

I joined the business at the time when the Reimagine strategy was being rolled outputting sustainability at the centre of every activity. It feels like playing a role in a technology revolution, contributing to the acceleration of the de-carbonisation of our fleet and promoting the circular economy. Purchasing “greener” products is a very important pillar for our current customers as the business is capable of associating the comfort of luxury with a positive environmental impact shaping the automotive landscape of future generations. 

There are several aspects which make me think that Jaguar Land Rover is “the place to be”. Being a lead engineer means that my everyday life is focused on delivering technical content on a variety of topics. My days are very diverse and the technical questions that I need to answer are stimulating. Secondly, every technical challenge is faced with the support and the collaboration of the whole team who is the perfect reflection of the diversity and inclusion culture here. My colleagues have an international background, and the working environment is extremely dynamic. Finally, delivering a product, while learning every day new skills and abilities is a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth.’


‘Working in Global Purchasing is brilliant. Every day is different – with different challenges and different pitches.’

Senior Purchasing Manager Marcus Middleton shares details on his 10 year career journey, talking about his personal and professional growth.

‘I joined Jaguar Land Rover in 2012 and, since then, have progressed well within our purchasing team – moving from non-production products to logistics and suspension – and, in August of this year, was promoted to Senior Purchasing Manager.

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I came from a retail buying background – which works at a different pace and on different timelines to the automotive industry. In retail, timelines are set for you – but here at Jaguar Land Rover, you can set your own goals so that you get the best out of what you are wanting to achieve.

Also, retail buying is very much about trends and themes and buying them as quickly as possible. Here it’s all about finding and building strong relationships with great suppliers that work well with our business.

Working in Global Purchasing is brilliant. Every day is different – with different challenges and different pitches. We buy and supply components for our vehicles of today but are always conscious of the changes going on in the industry and the future of our products.
The people I work with are one of the reasons I love my role. I love watching my team grow both personally and professionally. Over the years I’ve built a great network of colleagues – both in the UK and globally. I’ve had the opportunities to visit our markets in India and Europe and got to understand their culture and work.

We are a people-centric business. People get out of Jaguar Land Rover what they put in – and the business always gives you the flexibility and support you need to go that extra mile.’

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I have been a Scrum Master for almost 5 years now, and this was the kind of challenge I was looking forward to

‘I was hired for Jaguar Land Rover as the first Scrum Master in the Hungarian office, which was an opportunity I could not pass on. To see how an agile transformation takes place from the beginning is an experience that every Scrum Master would be happy to have. I have learned a lot about change management, how an organisational restructuring is managed both bottom-up and top-down, and I’ve had the opportunity to work together with consultants and senior agile coaches who have had a great impact on how I can do my everyday work even better. I have been a Scrum Master for almost 5 years now, and this was the kind of challenge I was looking forward to with regard to my own professional growth.

I work in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems department. Being at the centre of what I see as the future of the automotive industry is something I never thought I would have the chance to see or work with. I think we really make a change here with our products and our work.

As a Scrum Master, my main work is to enable the team to do their work at the best possible level, with the least possible hardships. My work helps them to do their jobs with more structure and safety, and with this, we can contribute to even better-quality delivery. I chose this job because I believe there are great things in the making at Jaguar Land Rover with the agile transformation that we are in. To be the first Scrum Master involved in it from Hungary gives me a chance to help shape the working environment the company is going to follow in the next period of its existence. I feel like I have the chance to create here something meaningful that will help us work better in the long run.’

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I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now; creating full size models from 2D sketches

‘I’ve always thought about things differently; analysing and improving with an artistic approach, so going into the creative industry was a natural career path. The first time I came across clay modelling, I was totally engrossed, and it was the first time I truly enjoyed working. I zone out and time stands still when I clay model, it’s a unique feeling!

Jaguar Land Rover has had a massive impact on my career.  I’m grateful to my manager for allowing me to show the world what I can do. I’ve led projects shown to board members and had one exhibited in the V&A Dundee design museum. I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now; creating full size models from 2D sketches. Each time you reach your deadline, either on your own or most likely with a team, is a great feeling.

A career highlight for me was appearing on Amazon in a documentary about Jaguar Land Rover being the first OEM to create an electric car –  I never thought that would be me! I’m very fortunate to be working in such a niche market, do something I love and have people appreciate my work.   

In the creative industry, it’s important to have the freedom and space to do what you love doing; restrictions and boundaries limit creativity. We constantly want to push boundaries and look towards the future. Having a real family-feel to the culture in design, allows people to truly be themselves and really add value to the business.’

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Our designs are not only beautiful, but sustainable

‘I studied textile design at university and got this job straight after graduation. I studied at the Royal College of Art, and a lot of people from our team at Jaguar Land Rover graduated from there. 

Working in design feels so natural to me. I didn’t plan on going into automotive, but I loved working with materials – and in automotive, you get to work with a wide variety of materials which is great. This is my first job, so it has definitely shaped my career.  I’ve got to know the automotive industry through this job.

I’ve recently been working on a very exciting development project, with a new material.  I’m hoping that we will be the first company to use this material in the way that we plan to. The possibilities with materials are endless!

I am passionate about sustainability – it’s at the heart of everything we do.  I am very conscious about our designs not only being beautiful, but sustainable. We must continuously bring new, sustainable, better materials to life for our products.

In design, I feel like our director has a very strong vision and is very passionate. The designers in our team are also very passionate. We love what we do and are always trying to push the boundaries.’ To find out more about the amazing opportunities to join our talented Interiors Design team visit