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We take engineering to the next level.

‘I started my career with JLR 9 years ago, after graduating from Imperial College, London, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. My home department at the time was Diesel Calibration (essentially “tuning” diesel engines). After completing my graduate scheme in the Diesel Calibration department and learning quite a lot about engines, I’ve then moved to the Transmission Calibration department, where I have spent further 3.5 years tuning transmissions coupled with V8 petrol engines.

This was an excellent opportunity for me to directly influence what the customers will feel from their everyday drives in some fantastic vehicles (including Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the Record Holder for Fastest Four Door Production Sedan around Nürburgring, Range Rover Sport SVR and so on). These Calibration roles have given me the opportunities to go around the world, testing and calibrating our vehicles in extreme conditions, such as Death Valley in America and Sand Bowls in Dubai. These opportunities were great fun, and they have given me valuable lessons into the importance of engineering that goes into the early phases of the development cycle.’

Following on from my journey with ICE vehicles, I have then started to become interested in EV technologies. I believe, to achieve sustainability for future generations, we must develop and innovate technologies that will rapidly increase EV adoption, especially amongst the younger generation.

With this motivation, I have been fortunate to be working in the System Engineering division of Electrified Powertrain department for the last four years. I work to ensure our customers are not only satisfied but excited to be driving the portfolio of vehicles we develop. To achieve this, I work with my colleagues who are close to our customers and understand exactly how we can deliver a fantastic product to our customers. I then translate what this means in engineering terms (such as the required power from the electrified powertrain as a unit) and work very closely with our component experts to make sure we have a great combination of components to deliver a product that allows our vehicles to put a smile on our customers’ face every time they get in their vehicles.

Knowing this truly excites me and motivates me every day.

As engineers, we are challenging the norms for the efficiency and the performance of our electrified powertrains every day for a better, sustainable future!’

Electrified, Home Page, Powertrain

I’m really lucky to be working in an area where we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

“I started with Jaguar Land Rover as a Diesel emissions engineer over six years ago, three years ago I was given the opportunity to work at a new test facility that we’d built to help with all of the emissions testing we needed to do. What I didn’t appreciate at the time was just how incredibly capable and world-class that facility is.

JLR has the largest number of powertrain test beds of any company in the world. For the last three years I’ve been working together with the team who operate these beds. My role is to work out how we can push the capabilities of these test facilities to replace the work we currently do on the road and do it faster, more accurately and with a higher level of quality and capturing more data.

I’m engaging with teams across powertrain and beyond to understand what testing we can do and if we run a car or a powertrain once, how many people can use that data for their own work?

I’ve also been pushing this further by taking these cases from the road into the fully virtual space. I work with our CAE teams to allow our development teams to work on technologies and understand how they perform before we’ve got something physical to test. By the time physical hardware turns up we know how it works and how best to extract the most performance from it.

I feel like I’m really lucky to be working in an area where we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. I never have two days the same and I’m always thinking “what’s next?”, that to me is what we’re all about, we can’t stand still.

We’re in the midst of a massive change in the automotive industry and with Jaguar Land Rover, I’m getting a great opportunity to influence how we react to that.”

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Delivering tangible and accessible solutions to a global customer base is extremely rewarding.

‘I’ve been extremely fortunate over the past 17½ years here to have experienced a wide variety of roles and responsibilities – this is one of the benefits of working in a large and diverse organisation as it affords you opportunities to learn a broad spectrum of skills which all shape you and your career.  We may not always know where our strengths lie until we are challenged in new ways – which means your career path can take unexpected turns as you, the business and the global environment evolve.  However, I have felt in control and supported in all my key career decisions to date through open discussions with line managers, mentors and colleagues.’

Certainly, going back to the start of my career I could never have foreseen where I am now – leading the Power Electronics team – responsible for traction inverters, control SW and DCDC converters on all our electrified vehicles.  As electrification is now at the heart of all our products going forwards, the team is growing, skills and experience to deliver world class products and support the migration to an electrified future.  Having started out visualising fuel injector spray patterns at Ford it’s a huge leap in a relatively short period of time!

As part of the electrified propulsion system team, we have a significant part to play in positively impacting society and the environment.  One of the main concerns as people migrate to electric propulsion is “range anxiety” – not having enough energy to complete a journey.  Our part in this is to produce the most efficient power conversion systems available so that as much of the stored battery energy is converted to forward propulsion as possible and we make our vehicles go even further on a single charge.  This includes adaptive software strategies, the latest power electronics technologies, and the most efficient packaging solutions to produce the optimum drive system.

First and foremost, work must excite you – and delivering tangible and accessible solutions to a global customer base is extremely rewarding.  The challenges we face are always changing so you are always learning – not just about the subjects you are working on, but also with the approaches taken to resolve the issues and deliver the solutions.  Above all else though, it’s working with new talent coming into the department/company and seeing them grow and develop.  While I still get a feeling of immense pride seeing our products driving around – especially the ones I’ve played a key part in delivering – what really matters is helping to shape the careers of those around me and seeing them progress in the company.’

To find out more about the opportunities in Electrification go to Find a Job on our careersite.

Electrified, Home Page, People, Technology

In my role, I am passionate about leaving an environmental and technical impact.

‘I joined Jaguar Land Rover as a Technical Specialist in Advanced Battery Engineering. It was key for me to build a diverse team who were dedicated and empowered to influence the company to be at the forefront of electrification. It was a big change stepping into a critical role but satisfied my personal purpose of having the opportunity to influence and make changes that affect the future and to be able to leave a positive impact on society.

My team is constantly expanding, encompassing a range of skillsets and experiences required to work in sync. It combines subject matter experts, specialising in techniques required for future technology. I have been given the chance to evolve and define my role and I have really grown into it. I am incredibly proud of what my team have accomplished so far and excited to see what we can achieve in the future.’

I am involved in all stages of the electrification projects, from cradle to grave. This involves influencing the electrification strategy, investigating battery cell scopes, to seeing the battery packs go into vehicles and assessing their end-of-life options. From a cell perspective I delivered the launch of the I-Pace whilst simultaneously working on next generation projects looking into 2030 possibilities. We translate scientific breakthroughs into commercial reality, generation of IP and train the future workforce. The focus is on emerging battery technology, to be truly innovative we need to focus on all areas not just automotive and create a path for the next wave of ecosystem opportunities.

The technology enabling Electric Vehicles to replace the ICE vehicles will have a positive impact on the environment. However, I think it is crucial that we look at the holistic picture of achieving net zero; zero emissions, being as sustainable as possible and leaving only a positive impact. Additionally, to breakdown ideals – and for luxury products to be associated with being green and environmentally friendly. Luxury should attest “green” as standard. The future landscape in the UK energy storage sector is about to change dramatically, in part due to the battery supply chain being developed here, we need the best technology here and now.

I am passionate about leaving an environmental and technical impact. Cutting edge technology should be associated with being green, luxury should be innocuous. Living an environmentally friendly, sustainable life should not mean simple.

It is important to me that my leadership empowers my team to be the best they can be their individual development progresses us as a team and a company. I believe diversity and inclusion are key factors for the success of a company. They allow the creation of a dynamic and innovative environment where people from all backgrounds feel comfortable and included and where all can realise their full potential, generating new ideas. This ultimately provides a competitive advantage.

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Joining us, you’ll be making your statement with our iconic brands.

“Over 6 years ago, when I was looking to develop my career, Jaguar Land Rover caught my eye as the first big company in Europe to be investing in Electrification.At that time, we had a small team of about 20 people – but this has really grown as Electrification becomes more and more integrated into everyday life across the globe.

As a team we are progressively looking to improve efficiency of our electric vehicles and the projects we have been working on have shown phenomenal improvements within this area. Our technical competence and awareness are continually growing. We learn and we evolve – with big ambitions to make even greater strides within this area.

Part of my role as EDU Systems and Concepts Manager is to ensure systems integration that not only is performant and durable but, most importantly, maximises efficiency. Over the past few years our team has grown in expertise and size. We are pushing boundaries, and this is both an exciting and challenging time to join the business. We are really evolving – constantly looking at new ways of doing things – and within the team you can freely express your creativity and expertise. Joining us, you’ll be making your statement with our iconic brands.” #ReimagineYourFuture#LifeatJLR