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‘Powertrain has evolved from being all about engines – today there is an emphasis on Batteries and Electric Drive Units (EDUs).’

PE Propulsion Graduate Jaime Fowler tells us more about how the supportive culture in her team enables her to grow as an engineer.

‘I started my career journey on the Engineering Education Scheme, and after doing a year’s placement at a competitor, I joined the Women in Engineering programme at Jaguar Land Rover. After completing this programme, I returned to the graduate scheme – and now I’m in my second year.

Throughout my time with the company, I have been in Powertrain – with the same very supportive team and manager – specialising in fluids. As part of the graduate scheme, I do two six-month placements away from my team. I’m currently working in Engineering Sustainability – looking at the impact of a vehicle through its lifecycle. It brings a very different perspective to my role and I’m learning a lot from the experts in the team. When I return to Powertrain, I’ll be able to bring my learnings back to the team.

Powertrain has evolved from being all about engines – today there is an emphasis on Batteries and Electric Drive Units (EDUs). The team I work in is hugely flexible – moving forward with new components and the software required for them. I have learned different Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, to ensure we are using the best software for the task at hand.

My role in Powertrain allows me to be creative and I’m given time to model solutions, test them, and write out instructions on how to deploy them. I enjoy this as I can think creatively. I am constantly learning and improving the process as I go along.

I enjoy the problem-solving element of what I do. I am not massively into cars but enjoy working towards improvements in the virtual side of the development process. My advice to anyone looking to join Powertrain is to be open to opportunities. I wasn’t a huge fan of software at uni – but Jaguar Land Rover has given me space and time to learn on the job – and, because of this, I’ve found a job that I enjoy.’

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My work also has an impact on society as many features play a safety role

My career has developed a lot since I started working at Jaguar Land Rover. I began as an AAD Simulation Validation Engineer and I am now working on Vision Systems, which helps our users to navigate at low speed, for example; rear, surround camera views, off-road features and towing assistant. Over the last two years, I’ve worked on all of these features and I am responsible for the test execution within our team. I’ve learnt a huge amount – including people management, communication, and user engagement.

In Vision Systems I get to work on many features, that aid parking, off-road and towing. My team validate the integration of these different systems. These features are useful – a notable example is the kerb view, which assists parking near kerbs. My favourite is the see-through bonnet which visualises what is under the front bonnet, so it’s as if you can see through the bonnet. It is incredibly good, especially when you go off-roading and want to avoid big rocks and holes.

My work has a significant impact on our customer experience because I work on assistant features – helping to make the car more comfortable. But my work also has an impact on society as many features play a safety role, like the rear camera view. It can save lives. The business need is also big because many regulations state that some features are mandatory in new cars, so we need to develop, integrate, and operate these features in line with the law.

My role helps our customers. If I deliver excellent work, find as many bugs as possible and make the software better, it is good for both the customer and the company. It’s a good feeling, because of what I work on, hundreds of thousands of people’s driving experiences become more comfortable and safer. Also, I love the atmosphere within Jaguar Land Rover – some great colleagues have become good friends, and we help each other, support each other and work together well.’

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‘The work that the PRIDE network is doing allows colleagues to be honest about who they are.’

Powertrain Software Engineer, Elena talks about her career journey at Jaguar Land Rover and her invaluable work as the Communications Co-Lead for our PRIDE network.

‘I was studying for a degree in Computer Science when I first got an undergraduate placement with Jaguar Land Rover. I then joined the graduate scheme which allowed me to get experience in many areas of the business and now I’m working in Powertrain In-house Software. I’ve been involved in numerous projects including verification and testing of software, and calibration of EV Software, which involved looking at how we deliver software packages, and how we deploy the tooling of software and our cloud-based infrastructure. This project has been a favourite of mine.

I’ve received a lot of support in my time in the business – both from my manager and from the company networks I’m involved in. I recently spoke at the internal Women in Engineering conference as part of a Diversity & Inclusion panel.

Also, our PRIDE network is phenomenal. Through this network, I hosted a lunch and learn about gender identity and the contacts and support I received after this was amazing. The work that the PRIDE network is doing allows colleagues to be honest about who they are. Through lunch & learns, events such as Birmingham Pride and working with external agencies – we are constantly giving visibility to the LGBTQ+ community.

Something I am proud of is seeing ‘Driving Pride’ be born of the efforts of a member of our Jaguar Land Rover PRIDE committee. This is a new network that aims to provide a safe and supportive space for all LGBTQ+ people within the whole automotive sector. Through this network colleagues from different companies can share our approach and strategy to making people feel comfortable at work and help them to be themselves.’

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Due to the bespoke nature of SVO, a more unique set of challenges is presented. However, this is what makes my role so interesting!

Suspension Geometry & Capability Senior Engineer, Harminder Narwan joined Jaguar Land Rover seven years ago, shortly after graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In October 2020, Harminder joined the SVO team where she enjoys an exhilarating career on some of our most illustrious projects.

“I joined Jaguar Land Rover after completing my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick. My passion for engineering evolved from my keen interest in maths and physics at school. I loved those subjects as I enjoy working with numbers.

Joining Jaguar Land Rover soon after graduating enabled me to start my career with a very strong technical foundation.   I had the opportunity to work cross-functionally across a range of disciplines, liaising with senior stakeholders to ensure the effective delivery of my projects.

I’ve also had the opportunity to travel globally to Nitra and visit all of the manufacturing sites in the UK. I had the rather unique opportunity of being on the line to see the build for the last of the Discovery 4 and the first product from the line for the Discovery 5!  I get to see a vehicle from the prototype stage right up to production which is very unique. Successfully delivering projects has given me a huge confidence boost.

Most recently, since moving to SVO, I have worked on the project for the new Range Rover SV. This was a very exciting, fast-paced experience.  Due to the bespoke nature of SVO, a more unique set of challenges is presented. However, this is what makes my role so interesting! I am able to apply my technical and problem-solving skills on a daily basis.  At the end of a project, solving the challenges that result in a highly desirable product is very satisfying.

Delivering successful SVO projects is all about satisfying and exceeding customer expectations.   I am responsible for making sure that every vehicle that leaves our manufacturing sites, prototype or production, leaves with capable road wheel alignment, ride heights and steering wheel angles. This ensures we build the vehicle to customer expectations.

I’m very ambitious and I definitely feel encouraged and supported to work towards my goals. There is a good sense of trust in my team, and I feel empowered to make my own decisions. Irrespective of who I come across in my day-to-day activities, everybody I collaborate with is willing and helpful. Everyone is very knowledgeable and passionate which is one of the things I really enjoy.” 

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I strongly believe that I am playing a key role in the technology revolution and that my everyday objectives are leaving a positive impact on society.

‘Being a woman in science has never been intimidating for me, but I felt that my full professional potential was reached when I joined Jaguar Land Rover as a Lead Cell Engineer. I strongly believe that I am playing a key role in the technology revolution and that my everyday objectives are leaving a positive impact on society. In addition to that, my team is currently led by a woman, a Senior Technical Specialist, giving me confidence about the accessibility of impact roles and highlighting the strong inclusion culture within Jaguar Land Rover.  

During my PhD I had the opportunity of submitting a patent and therefore developing an “applied solution approach”, however, before joining Jaguar Land Rover, I did not believe that my skills could apply to “real world” topics. My background is focused on analytical electrochemistry and materials characterisation and my previous working experiences are academic. Today, all the knowledge that I gathered on the process’s optimization is invested in the development of electrochemical cells for current and next-generation batteries. In addition to that, I also look after the partnerships between JLR, the Catapult network or the Faraday Institution as durable and strong collaborations with Academia are seen as a key component of the future JLR strategy.

I joined the business at the time when the Reimagine strategy was being rolled outputting sustainability at the centre of every activity. It feels like playing a role in a technology revolution, contributing to the acceleration of the de-carbonisation of our fleet and promoting the circular economy. Purchasing “greener” products is a very important pillar for our current customers as the business is capable of associating the comfort of luxury with a positive environmental impact shaping the automotive landscape of future generations. 

There are several aspects which make me think that Jaguar Land Rover is “the place to be”. Being a lead engineer means that my everyday life is focused on delivering technical content on a variety of topics. My days are very diverse and the technical questions that I need to answer are stimulating. Secondly, every technical challenge is faced with the support and the collaboration of the whole team who is the perfect reflection of the diversity and inclusion culture here. My colleagues have an international background, and the working environment is extremely dynamic. Finally, delivering a product, while learning every day new skills and abilities is a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth.’