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Global Purchasing is a department where your ideas are welcomed.

‘I know that prior to joining Jaguar Land Rover five years ago I had not considered a career in purchasing and assumed I could not as my background was not in engineering or purchasing. Having studied social welfare at university you could say this is totally unrelated to either engineering or purchasing.

However, I quickly learnt that it is not your background that is important here, but the skills, qualities, experience and unique talents you can offer that matter. I discovered that what matters more is things such as a willingness to learn, being dependable, being a team player and having pride and passion in what you do to drive the business forward. I have learnt and developed so much over the years, and I am so glad I decided to apply.

The types of roles within Global Purchasing are so varied: As a Programme Buyer, I get to be part of an exciting delivery team, helping the wider teams to deliver our future electric vehicles. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make a real contribution to transformation and improvement projects. You are encouraged to contribute to improvements and change, it’s a department where your ideas are welcomed.

Working here has been a really positive experience, from day one everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome and I have had the opportunity to do very different roles-none of them having involved buying. This has included onboarding global suppliers as well as onboarding new starters that was a fantastic experience. One of the reasons I enjoy working within Global Purchasing is because it is such a friendly and inclusive team where the people are always willing to help.’

We have a huge range of opportunities to  join us in Global Purchasing . To find our more visit

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Be a part of our Global Purchasing Team in Hungary.

Tony told us ‘This team is extremely important to Jaguar Land Rover as almost half of the items we put in our vehicles comes from the Central and Eastern Europe region. The need for a much closer working relationship with the suppliers here has resulted in the decision of setting up our first ever Purchasing HUB outside of the UK.

This office is different from others in many ways. It is not a shared service, but a purchasing-engineering hub satisfying the engineering demand for our Advanced driver-assistance systems skillset and the purchasing drive to be a location where talented individuals are directly responsible for global commodity management.

For buyers this means time is split between working with a cross-functional team to manage the delivery of future parts for future vehicles and working on cost reduction activities.’

Dóra added ‘The office in Hungary is full of motivated, dynamic and hard-working colleagues who are massively engaged around our common purpose. It’s a great place to be.’

As we expand we have a number of amazing opportunities to join us in Hungary. To find out more visit Jobs at Jaguar Land Rover (

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I am able to express my thoughts and ideas openly.

‘Pursuing a career in analytics has always been an aspiration of mine because I believe that data-driven decision making is key to providing value to your business.

I knew the Jaguar Land Rover People Analytics graduate scheme would be a perfect fit for me because the team’s mission is to drive business value, decision-making and insights from data.

The first 6 weeks of the graduate scheme involved training that introduced me to the basics of data science, data engineering, data visualisation and stakeholder management – this training has been beneficial to my learning and development. It has helped me to build upon my existing knowledge and enabled me to become confident in presenting to senior stakeholders. During such a short space of time, I can already see an improvement in my technical skills, and I am excited to continue developing my skills throughout my career at Jaguar Land Rover.

Being a part of the People Analytics team is exciting because I will be part of a newly formed team that is leading a change in HR. The people analytics team are aiming to develop a culture in HR of data-based decision-making by moving from instinct based people decisions towards the use of analytical dashboards and predictive modelling by business and HR leaders.

At Jaguar Land Rover I feel that my contributions are valued, and I am able to express my thoughts and ideas openly. My mentor and manager continue to encourage my professional development and learning and having this level of support is a great indication that I am in the right environment to grow.’

We still have opportunities to join us on our Graduate Analytics and Digital Programme. Find out more here Analytics and Digital Graduate Programme – Jaguar Land Rover (

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As an undergraduate, I have learnt more than I ever expected.

‘At the start of my placement, I was assigned to the Human Factors team, an attribute in Vehicle Engineering. Human Factors develop ergonomic requirements for the vehicles, applying knowledge of people, their abilities, characteristic and limitations, with the aim of creating a high functioning and luxury experience for the customer.

I hadn’t previously had any experience within ergonomics, but so far, I’ve found it incredibly interesting and learnt more than I ever expected in such a short space of time. My manager gave me the opportunity to learn to use a human modelling software and the main CAD platform, which have now become the core part of my job. This made my role feel key to the team and means I get to work on projects with disciplines across the company.

Engineering is notoriously a male dominated field, however Jaguar Land Rover have put a lot of work into improving diversity and making a comfortable and inclusive environment. I have always felt valued and listened to and have been truly impressed with Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to increasing the number of women in engineering, particularly within Early Careers.

I’d really recommend that any new starter come in with the confidence to speak up and get involved with everything they find interesting. As an undergraduate, you’ll never know everything, but people will want to hear a new perspective and help you learn as much as possible.’

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Everyone around you wants the best for you and are willing to help you out.

“Even though Jaguar Land Rover is a large company I’ve been given lots of responsibilities straight away and really feel I’m part of the team. Everyone around you wants the best for you and are willing to help you out and include you in all the new and exciting projects. My manager and the Early Careers team have tailored projects and my placement based of what I would like from my experience here.

Currently I’m work on a project in EDS on harnesses, alongside three of my own projects that I’ll complete throughout my yearlong placement. I will present these projects at the end of my placement with my learnings.

There are fewer women in engineering, especially in Powertrain, than men but this is changing with the new intakes in early careers. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the business.”

Applications for our Undergraduate Programmes are now open. Find out how you can help define the future of movement here:

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