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At JLR, we are empowered to push for change and improve processes

“The Undergraduate Programme allows for the freedom to explore roles within Jaguar Land Rover, from shadowing for just a day to venturing on a placement and delving into a unique project over the course of several months.

This breadth of experience has allowed an unparalleled expansion of my knowledge of the internal workings of Jaguar Land Rover, enabling me to realise and develop my strengths, ultimately finding the best career path for me.”

To find out more about Jaguar Land Rover Undergraduate Placement Programmes for 2023, visit our careers website here.

Q: Which department are you in and what role is it you do?

My current role is in Systems Integration, Technology Development. The Team is responsible for integrating vehicles into a variety of test rigs, particularly in simulating various Vehicle Components and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) to ensure the car responds to mechanical input as expected on test rigs despite having certain components removed or locked for testing.

Q: What projects are you working on?

Our Team has been responsible for designing and delivering aspects of a next generation Battery Test Facility for testing of future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, one of the first such facilities in the World, where full Battery Pack testing can take place in a controlled environment. I have been tasked with researching existing and future battery thermal management systems on vehicles such that a representative solution can be developed and implemented on new Test Rigs. Separate to this project, I have been working closely with our Simulation Cells Team, focusing on and learning about the control systems and data reporting/database management of our 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) and 4DoF rigs which are used to test the durability of our vehicles, simulating many years of use in a matter of weeks.

Q: What is your journey to get to this point?

Throughout my education and subsequent career, I have been intrigued by solving problems. I have thus taken on many group and individual projects, from designing a Collapsible Canoe-Polo Goal in conjunction with industry, to most recently, a Smart Robotic Gripper with advanced sensing capabilities and object recognition functionality at the University of Nottingham. I have thoroughly enjoyed both the creative aspects and technical challenges involved in these engineering projects as well as experienced across a multitude of courses I have been on, made accessible by the award of an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. These courses and projects involved managing timescales and team members, designing solutions to technical challenges and iterating on them to resolve flaws, as well as consulting with a number of customers. It is the love of this cyclical yet consistently varied process that drew me towards this career.

Q: What are your learning and development goals?

By the end of this year, I aim to have my EngTech (Engineering Technician, iMechE) qualification, then working towards the CEng (Chartered Engineer, iMechE) over the course of the Graduate Scheme at Jaguar Land Rover. I intend to complete placements in different Teams, fulfilling a variety of roles. For example, in October I am expecting to embark on a placement in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), acting as a Scrum Product Owner within the AGILE framework, responsible for a project’s outcome and maximising value through managing and optimising tasks to be completed – similar to conventional ‘project management.’ I may also work in the role of a Scrum Master, responsible for maintaining efficient and unblocked workflow across a Team.

Q: What is important to you about your work at Jaguar Land Rover?

I find immense satisfaction in improving workflows and efficiencies across a project, thus contributing to the overall sustainability of Jaguar Land Rover whilst delivering value. At Jaguar Land Rover, we are empowered to push for change and improve processes where opportunities for improvement are realised. This freedom and responsibility to challenge established practices are a key part of my work at Jaguar Land Rover.

Q: What impact has Jaguar Land Rover had on your career?

The Early Careers schemes at Jaguar Land Rover allows the flexibility to explore different Teams and Sectors within the company, from shadowing for just a day to venturing on a placement and delving into a unique project over the course of months. This breath of experience has allowed for the expansion of my skillset, building of a network and the broadening of knowledge of the internal workings of Jaguar Land Rover, enabling me to realise and develop my strengths, ultimately following the best career path for me.

Q: How is your work having an impact on society/the environment/customer experience/needs of the business?

In addition to my primary role at Jaguar Land Rover, I have also taken on the responsibilities of ‘Early Careers Undergraduate Lead,’ working to organise lectures from industry figures, socials and tours of engineering facilities for Early Careers (EC) members across Jaguar Land Rover enabling the networking and development of Undergraduates, Apprentices and Graduates. I am also working towards improving many of the existing systems in place for EC Members: looking to minimise the disruption involved in re-enrolling and inducting employees re-joining the company after a year in industry or on summer placements, thus saving the company thousands of wasted man-hours; introducing networking opportunities such as ‘Coffee Roulette’ to encourage EC members to build contacts and spark interest in potential placement opportunities; increasing visibility and advertising of useful services offered within Jaguar Land Rover, such as the Professional Development Mentorship Scheme that pairs aspiring engineers with senior mentors to guide them through the process of obtaining certain qualifications and working towards Chartership.  

Q: Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I have achieved LAMDA Grade 8 (Gold Medal) awards in Public Speaking, Verse & Prose, and Acting. I have also achieved a DofE Gold Award and a number of water sports qualifications (from Scuba Diving to Kitesurfing). Moving on to planning and leading skills sessions for children aged 11-16, teaching the fundamentals of Kayaking and moving onto more advanced Canoe Polo manoeuvres. I recently also obtained my ‘STA Level 2 Award in Teaching Swimming’, teaching Beginner and Improver classes of both children and adults. This has developed my articulation and teaching skills, being able to adapt and tailor explanations to a wide range of audiences with different knowledge levels and needs.