Digital, Graduate

‘If it means continuous improvement, someone is always willing to listen.’

Analytics Graduate Tinotenda Mutasa talks about the immersive nature of her role at Jaguar Land Rover in our Digital team. Less than a year into her time at Jaguar Land Rover, Tinotenda has picked up a wealth of key skills.

‘I never thought I would find myself in such a technical immersive role. Less than a year into the role, I can confidently say I have picked up key skills such as SQL, data analysis, agile and data wrangling. I have been involved in planning and organising lunch & learn sessions ranging from slide creation to intelligent automation. This has also given me the confidence to interact with incoming graduates and give them an insight into what the role is about, and this is only the beginning!

During my first rotation, I built and designed a Tableau-based gamification dashboard that is now being used across the business. Its main aim is to encourage engagement with the Tableau platform by simplifying the functionality that people are currently using and what functionality they could be using to maximise their Tableau capability. It also allows for a little friendly competition between peers as it has a points-based ranking system depending on function and grade. The more functionality you use, and the more frequently you use it; the more points you get on the user scoreboard – so essentially, it’s a rewards card.

I believe the gamification dashboard continues to play an important role in supporting and improving the Tableau culture and enterprise across the company. It provides links to additional training, eLearning options and access to upgrading their licences. This is a major advantage to the business as it empowers people with tools that take minimum effort to create impressive and interactive dashboards that can facilitate more efficient decision-making.

One of the most important aspects of my work here is that despite not having been here for very long, there is always an opportunity to contribute tangible results to the bigger picture. Whether my work is used internally or to help influence more important external decisions, it almost always makes an impact. More importantly, if it means continuous improvement, someone is always willing to listen.’