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Our designs are not only beautiful, but sustainable

‘I studied textile design at university and got this job straight after graduation. I studied at the Royal College of Art, and a lot of people from our team at Jaguar Land Rover graduated from there. 

Working in design feels so natural to me. I didn’t plan on going into automotive, but I loved working with materials – and in automotive, you get to work with a wide variety of materials which is great. This is my first job, so it has definitely shaped my career.  I’ve got to know the automotive industry through this job.

I’ve recently been working on a very exciting development project, with a new material.  I’m hoping that we will be the first company to use this material in the way that we plan to. The possibilities with materials are endless!

I am passionate about sustainability – it’s at the heart of everything we do.  I am very conscious about our designs not only being beautiful, but sustainable. We must continuously bring new, sustainable, better materials to life for our products.

In design, I feel like our director has a very strong vision and is very passionate. The designers in our team are also very passionate. We love what we do and are always trying to push the boundaries.’ To find out more about the amazing opportunities to join our talented Interiors Design team visit