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The road trip to Munich

Last week a team of Jaguar Land Rover engineers drove four of our vehicles from Gaydon to Munich to meet our new colleagues at NVIDIA. Although our partnership started over a year ago, and we have already achieved a lot in the remote working world, this was the first opportunity to get together face-to-face for a large project meeting.

We drove to Munich for two reasons. Firstly, it gave our engineers the opportunity to test and review the technology in our vehicles en route and secondly, for us to show NVIDIA what we have developed to date and demonstrate our tech. And of course, for the NVIDIA team to do the same.

Together we are building a hugely important partnership where culture matters. We are working together to develop a relationship built on a common purpose – including respect, trust, and flexibility. We aim to work hard together and have fun together.

This trip demonstrated the synergies we already have in cultures and the diversity of our colleagues. Three days spent together in face-to-face meetings proved to be vitally important. It allowed us to connect well, form friendships and highlighted the power of collaboration. Colleagues from across the globe, who couldn’t be with us, dialled in – so everyone got the opportunity to access where we are and how we want to progress together.

The team came away knowing this is going to be an exciting and impressive partnership where an agile mentality, in which we work together closely and are technically aligned, is key to our success. We’re already looking forward to the next meet up in June. To play your part in our exciting future, please visit: