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I learn things I wouldn’t be taught in a classroom environment

‘You really do experience the best of both worlds on a Degree Apprenticeship – gaining real industry experience whilst gaining a brilliant qualification.

So far, the programme has been engaging and interesting. People in my team share their knowledge about their roles – and I learn things I wouldn’t be taught in a classroom environment. They share information and skills that allow me to develop the projects and tasks I’m involved in. Giving up their time to do this speaks volumes.

At the moment I’ve been assigned to a programming project so that I can get familiar with the software we use. It’s a great learning curve as I had no knowledge of this area before and have been given the time to research everything, I need to carry out the project effectively.

I’ve realised I’ve got to be really organised on the apprenticeship. When working in the office I can’t forget about my Uni work or assignment deadlines. It’s important to constantly keep on top of things. I’ve also taught myself to be patient and not rush projects as there are going to be so many amazing opportunities throughout the programme.

I’ve had some great support in my first year and have been in the office more that I’d expected – which is great. This year for me is all about settling in and learning from my team. I’m looking forward to getting involved in more projects and placements. The apprenticeship matures you and, being around professionals every day, allows you to develop in a business role much earlier than you would if you are just at Uni. A degree from the University of Warwick, a salary and world class industry experience – what else could you ask for in an apprenticeship’

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