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My advice to anyone thinking about applying is ‘Go for it!’

‘My son is an apprentice at Jaguar Land Rover and, as a parent, I feel it’s the best decision he made. To me it’s a no brainer, apprentices are learning and earning at the same time. From day one at the company – they learn the behaviours and skills that are needed in a working environment.

My son originally went to Uni – but after deciding it wasn’t for him – applied for an apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover. He is an academically minded person who is now in a high functioning role – and this has really changed his outlook on life and developed his confidence.

He is doing a Degree Apprenticeship specialising in Data Software – an in-demand skill in which he is really flourishing. The experience and knowledge he and his fellow apprentices gain from the company is something money can’t buy. You are treated as a professional and are given the opportunity to learn quickly.

An apprenticeship isn’t for everyone, but my advice to anyone thinking about applying is ‘Go for it!’ I know from the experiences of my own son that the knowledge and the skills that you develop are invaluable to your future career.’

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