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For me, Supply Chain & Logistics is the backbone of the organisation

We work with business functions across the whole company – and what we do touches every part of our vehicles – from start to end. We have teams that buy the parts, teams that move the parts, teams that get the parts to the production line, teams looking at quality and teams that move the cars on to their final destination. From the freight department to order management – there is a broad range of areas to work in – and they are all hugely different.

For me Supply Chain & Logistics is the backbone of the organisation and I’m immensely proud to be a part of it. I am an engineer by trade, so working within Supply Chain was an unexpected but brilliant move for me. Since I started with Jaguar Land Rover, I’ve worked in so many different teams – from technology and analytics to operations. No two days are ever the same – and there is so much room for development and growth. I’ve certainly been challenged along the way – but have learned some drastically different skills sets, from operational understanding, to visualising data. It’s an amazing department to be a part of.’ For more information about this and all our other Apprenticeship Programmes visit