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I get to work in one of the most exciting fields of engineering in the world today

‘Since I joined three years ago, Jaguar Land Rover Shannon has grown massively. Originally, we were a team of fifty – now we have over three hundred colleagues and are an integral part of the global business. Shannon is the Software Centre of Excellence and central to the success of what we do.

The culture here is very non-hierarchical – here it’s all about agile working – which gives everyone working here the opportunity for huge personal growth. You can experience and be involved in projects and innovations you may not be able to in other tech companies. Agility is key to keeping us ahead of the game.

Autonomy is also a huge part of the role here. We can achieve our own destiny – our agile process allows is to write and create what we believe is right and deliver it– rather than being told to work in a certain way. This agile mentality is evolving globally and working with teams in the UK (United Kingdom), Hungary, India, and the US (United States), we can deliver unprecedented expertise on our projects.

Another real benefit of the Shannon office is our sports and social events. We try and get together at least once a month – and every morning I have a 10 min informal call with my team to discuss anything but work. In this new remote working world, it has really allowed colleagues to understand and appreciate each other’s lives that bit more.

With the Hybrid model of working, we are in the office a max of 2 days a week. With this model in place, people have moved to other parts of Ireland such as Cork and Dublin – commuting in when they need to. The work life balance is valued a lot in Jaguar Land Rover.

The culture here is amazing – and something I haven’t experienced in other companies. I feel valued and comfortable in my role – and I’m given the freedom to learn and deliver projects that I am passionate about. The environment here is special and makes an enormous difference every day to my role.

And on top of it all I get to work in one of the most exciting fields of engineering in the world today, Autonomous Vehicles. A dream that has been with humanity for decades and I am doing it, I regularly find myself being grateful.

In the three years of working for Jaguar Land Rover, I have not lost any enthusiasm for the work we do. Infact, I find myself more excited to start new initiatives and change the future now than ever before.’

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