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Our company vision sets a focus and a challenge for us all to be part of a bold and bright future

‘With 30+ years’ experience working in technology roles in Telecoms, Financial Services and Insurance, I joined Jaguar Land Rover because I felt that there was a good opportunity to use my skills in a new industry – and that my skills were transferrable to make a difference in my new role with the Enterprise Software Factory team in Shannon.

The team already have a high level of technical skills and are very fluent with best practices in Agile, not just in getting valuable work done, but being able to measure efficiency (i.e.) Flow in getting valuable work done.

Our team enables Agile product teams to be successful in adopting DevOps and DevSecOps practices which is key to how Jaguar Land Rover will be successful in delivering software features in Electrical Vehicles to customers.

I’ve always worked in multinational companies and it’s a familiar journey for me, building great working relationships with talented engineers from Portland, USA and in the UK.

I’ve always appreciated the history of the companies I’ve worked in and have been in stimulating and challenging roles. With Jaguar Land Rover it’s at another level, as the vehicles themselves are such cultural touchstones. With that strong tradition and culture also comes a bold vision called Reimagine, which sets a focus and a challenge for us all to be part of a bold and bright future.

I still have a lot to learn about the business, and it’s exciting to feel that I’m part of building that bold and bright future for Jaguar Land Rover.’

There are some amazing opportunities to join us in Shannon . To find out more about our roles visit