Jaguar Land Rover supports students on education programme with DSA in Nitra

A major breakthrough came after 2018 when the Jaguar Land Rover launched production and with it the activities of its suppliers strengthened. For the purposes of practical teaching, the most modern Regional Training Centre in Slovakia will be used, equipped with top technology “Industry 4.0” designed for education.

We have joined the dual education program as early as 2018 when the first sixteen students started who will be graduating next spring. Today, the program has a total of 64 students, of whom 54 study mechatronics and 10 autotronics.

We are in contact even during the pandemic

The pandemic also affected mutual cooperation, as the students had distance learning but even then they were digitally in contact with their instructors at the plant. They used the summer months to organize the first summer academy, which was prepared by our Human Resources department in cooperation with colleagues from production technologies.

“I always like to take the opportunity to be in direct contact with our students. It is important that they have a good technical background for their studies, as they will be able to apply this knowledge in the automotive industry, which is evolving by leaps and bounds. For example, ongoing electrification brings a lot of new opportunities,” explains Russell Leslie, CEO of the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra.

16 laptops for 16 students

New laptops, headphones, and other accessories worth a total of 16,000 euros should to help sixteen students of the 2nd year at their studies. They were handed over to them by representatives of our carmaker on Friday, November 19. One of them was Tony Bainbridge, Business Excellence Director responsible for innovation and improvement who stood at the birth of the cooperation with students. “I remember when I first visited the school. It was at a time when few people knew that JLR was coming to Slovakia and Olga (school principal) only knew that we were an investor, and we were looking for a partner with whom we would work in the field of education of our future employees. I said: We will definitely see each other soon – and our cooperation has been in place for 4 years already.”

“I really appreciate the cooperation we have with Jaguar Land Rover. It is a professional and intensive cooperation with experts in their profession. I am very proud that our school is a partner for the education of future experienced staff for such an important company as JLR, “said the school principal Oľga Hodálová.

Today, the private secondary vocational school DSA in Nitra is one of the most modern dual education centres in Slovakia. An important impulse for its development was the arrival of the Jaguar Land Rover, which meant a shift in the interest of the young generation of students from the Nitra region from traditional industries, e.g. food, to technology areas with high added value. This is evidenced by the fact that the most popular subject at school today is mechatronics.