Diversity & Inclusion

I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs. 

I was born with spina bifida and scoliosis, which has severely restricted my mobility. I’m only 4ft 11’’ and I can’t stand for long. I’ve lived with my disability since birth, so I understand how my body feels when it’s done enough. My recent fibromyalgia and arthritis diagnosis only intensified the pain. 

I started working at Jaguar Land Rover 10 years ago on the track. I struggled with the physical nature of the job and asked my manager if he could help me get a job in the office.  My manager was fully aware of my illness and supported me with equipment to ensure I was comfortable. The adjustments made me feel empowered.

Living with a disability is tough. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed, but I push myself to keep on going. I came across the Jaguar Land Rover SHINE disability support network on Yammer, our internal communications tool. The network made me realise that I am not alone. So many people living with hidden illnesses struggle to get their disabilities recognised. Thankfully, my manager took time out to try and understand my needs and has always supported me.

My line manager understands that on some days, I may need more flexibility with my start times. In turn, this makes me want to go the extra mile when I’m at work. 

I’m passionate about reducing the stigma of disability at work, I’m here for anyone who needs a chat and moral support.  As a result, I decided to become the Paint Shop Network Champion for SHINE.

I’ve noticed a cultural shift over recent years. Our manager Adrian is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion, this passion has changed our culture. I work in an inclusive environment that strives to understand peoples’ unique needs.  I hope that this spirit continues, and even more, people feel empowered to speak out and share their stories without the fear of stigma.