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I am proud of my successes and being able to say I work for Jaguar Land Rover.

‘Over my time here I have been lucky enough to work in five different departments within finance (Accounts Payable, Product Development, Marketing, Manufacturing and Pricing) and have been able to meet a broad variety of people. Being able to work in different areas of the business has allowed me to see how they all fit together and that we are all one team working towards the same goals.’

The scheme has allowed me to study the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification. This is a professional accountancy qualification and highly sought after by individuals and employers. There’s a range of study methods available for taking the courses and also flexibility around taking the exams to suit you. JLR are very supportive of our studying and where possible aim to reduce the stress and pressure on us; both your cohort manager and line manager will be there for you along the way. It is not an easy qualification, but the hard work really does pay off and its completely worth it. Next for me is starting a Master’s in Accounting and Finance in the new year.

Another great opportunity that I have really valued is being able to make a difference, this has involved being part of a structured process improvement programme which has given me the chance to present to senior directors and have a real impact on the business. One particular project I have been working on is reducing waste and improving the way the harnesses are fitted to our cars – all while expanding my network within JLR. This project has made a real difference to the production of our cars and therefore had an impact on the customer too. Its great to know the work I am doing is having a real impact on the people who buy our cars.

For me, the part of JLR I enjoy the most is networking – I have met so many different people throughout my time here, all inspirational in their own way. They have helped me to build my confidence, develop as a person and get to where I am today – I am proud of my successes and being able to say I work for Jaguar Land Rover.’

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