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I never considered a career within software.

With very little experience in coding, find out why Brennan, our Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice on the Software with Data pathway applied for the role:

“Originally, I never considered a career within software, I had very little coding ability. I was always set on a career in the automotive industry, but within mechanical engineering instead. Whilst looking around universities and degree apprenticeship opportunities, I spoke to some representatives for JLR’s Digital Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship at the University of Warwick WMG open day. Initially I dismissed the apprenticeship as I previously never considered software as a career path.

However, after listening to the presentations about the course, my eyes were opened to the vast range of opportunities that this apprenticeship would offer now and especially in the future.

My passion for the future of cars also led me to write an EPQ at the time, focusing on the development of cars through autonomous technology, electrification and much more.

Through researching into these technological advancements, I realised that taking this great opportunity would prepare me to become skilled and experienced in an evolving car industry actively shifting towards these technologies.

Looking back, I am incredibly thankful that I came to this realisation and I took the DTS apprenticeship opportunity. Despite me having only a low level of competence with writing code at the start of the course, this did not hinder me at all as this apprenticeship is much more than writing code. I have learnt so much through university and work even within my first year at the business. I have even had the privilege to collaborate with research, working on technologies that are five or more years ahead of their release. This experience further cements in my mind that I made the right choice going for this apprenticeship as when the future of the automotive industry is here, I will have the competence to thrive.”