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Degree Apprenticeship – Luke

What do you do at Jaguar Land Rover?

My current job role is as a first-year electrical engineering degree apprentice. Usually I am in education, studying towards the degree, however during weeks on-site, I rotate around a variety of departments within Electrical Engineering in order to get a feel for how they work and to build up background knowledge of how each department functions.

Why should someone apply for a Degree Apprenticeship at Jaguar Land Rover?

The degree apprenticeship scheme opens a world of possibilities. You are thrown straight into the action all while picking up the same education as a university student, minus the cost. The degree apprenticeship gives you the best start in your career at Jaguar Land Rover, following an optimised pathway, customised to give you the best knowledge and experience not only in your particular interests and for your job role but also knowledge of surrounding functions. This wide range helps to bring out the best in you.

What would you say to someone who was not sure about doing a degree apprenticeship?

There are 3 main pathways you can take out of A-Levels. You can go straight to university, do an apprenticeship or you can go into the world of work. Arguably a good education is required now days and university would provide this, however, you miss out on the vital experience that you gain within the working world which I would personally consider as just as important. An apprenticeship bridges that gap, you get to learn while also experiencing and shaping the future, furthermore, you still get the all-important social aspect of university from interacting with the other apprentices.

Have you seen our degree apprenticeships?

As a degree apprentice, you’ll help us by preparing for your future and developing the skills to build everyone else’s. You’ll combine learning at the prestigious University of Warwick with a real job working on active projects at Jaguar Land Rover.

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