Business Protection

People First in Business Protection

Corporate Security and Business Protection is often referred to as a family and, for the most, has the same indicators. There is unwavering support for people and, from time to time, there is disagreement but this family always comes together when the chips are down (I know it sounds cheesy but you can ask anyone inside the department and I am confident they will say the same).

When we say we are a Customer First business, we’re not simply referring to the people who buy our products; our employees are our first customer and we make it our goal to put people before process. After all, contented people make for a successful business. So this is in all of our interests.

Our People Development Committee meets monthly to discuss how we can help people progress and reach their full potential. One of their initiatives, the Step Up development programme, has helped 53 people achieve promotion over the last three years. Countless others over the years have been supported thanks to academic sponsorships,  internal transfers and secondments which enable our people to broaden their horizons and add to their skills set. But it isn’t just skills we put the emphasis on, wellbeing is another key area of focus.

Some roles in Corporate Security and Business Protection require a high level of fitness, such as our fire crews. To keep the team in shape we introduced fitness testing to match that of the fire service for our operational team members, including managers, and have invested in fitness equipment.

At the end of each year, we celebrate our achievements; Launched in 2013, The Corporate Security and Business Protection Awards celebrate those who have successfully completed our Step Up programme, been promoted or achieved academic accreditation.