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David Añón – Postgraduate Engineer

As a part of the MSc Automotive Engineering at Cranfield University, I was given the opportunity of undertaking my Master’s Thesis in Jaguar Land Rover’s Powertrain Research Department. The main advantage of doing it in a research environment was that I was surrounded by experienced people, who are fully focused on developing the technology of the future in the automotive industry.

Most of my peers’ MSc theses of were purely theoretical, with no relation to real projects. In contrast; Jaguar Land Rover allowed me to work on a project which was key to the Business; facing real problems and finding effective and realistic solutions. The high standard of this team helped me strengthen my knowledge and apply first principles to my thesis, whilst taking both engineering criteria and scientific considerations into account.

Earlier this year; JLR went one step further by offering me a full time position and giving me the opportunity to become a part of the JLR family on a longer term basis. Having first gained experience in Powertrain Systems Engineering; I have now moved back to the Advanced Boosting Research Team and are working to develop the next generation of superchargers and turbochargers for use in JLR’s future engine designs.