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Engineering Undergraduate – Max Nalborczyk

How have you seen your role develop since you first started?

The first few weeks were spent understanding my team’s specific subject knowledge and understanding its various roles. Since then I have been given various projects, from developing a Level 3 parking feature, creating concept HMI wireframes, and research into Level 4 autonomy coverage. Initially, the trust that my team put in me was daunting, but it has massively helped my development. One of the things that I have enjoyed most at Jaguar Land Rover is the creativity that my role allows. Coming from an engineering background at university, where the majority of work has a right or wrong answer, I have thoroughly enjoyed starting with a blank sheet of paper and developing my own ideas and concepts for the features and wireframes.

How would you describe a typical working day?

Working hours in my team are long, as resources are limited, but I enjoy the work and do not mind putting in a little extra, especially as this is probably offset by coffee breaks! I get into the office by 7am, and usually leave around 4pm. I have a handful of regular weekly meetings where my presence is essential, and a few team meetings that are used as forums for reviewing technical issues and discussing operations. Work is very busy and there’s not often a dull moment, it certainly keeps you busy. My team is really good, and probably the best thing about my placement. They are a great group of people with plenty of experience and knowledge to draw upon, but more importantly, they make the office an enjoyable place to be.

How would you describe the undergraduate community at Jaguar Land Rover?

At the start of the programme we were introduced to all the other undergraduates on the first day, and then we had a separate undergraduate induction for Vehicle Engineering, that allowed closer networking. Through this we set up a weekly Friday lunch catch up. In addition, I got involved in an existing weekly 5-a-side football event which I then asked other undergraduates to join. Now around half of the players each week are undergraduates, and we are from various departments across the business. I am aware there is a Graduate Sports Network and Graduate Events, as I have been involved in some of these activities, however perhaps it would be good to have an undergraduate equivalent, or incorporate the two together.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Undergraduate Programme?

I have been given a lot of responsibility within my team that has allowed me to develop a lot greater than I had anticipated. Having the freedom and creativity in my role has also changed my approach to my tasks for the better. Both of these aspects have exceeded my expectations. In addition, the team I work with are a great group of people with plenty of experience and knowledge to draw upon, and they have been the catalyst for the aspects mentioned above. But more importantly, they make the office an enjoyable place to be.